About Jeric

Jeric Pena

Jeric Pena

Jeric Peña is a twenty-something blogger and lifelong learner from Manila, Philippines. He has been blogging since 2003. And in 2005, he produced his first audio podcast show.

He is also an aspiring multimedia journalist. He publishes his reports on Jeric Pena Reports.

Jeric considers himself as a “lingua geek.” One of his hobbies is learning foreign languages. He speaks Filipino, English, a bit of Italian and a dash of Korean. He wishes to learn French in the near future.

He currently lives in Caloocan City with his mom and two sisters.

He memorizes national anthems and university hymns during his free time.

If you wish to contact Jeric, please e-mail him at jeric.pena [at] gmail.com. Or better yet, send him a tweet @JericPena!