Globe’s Unlimited BlackBerry Prepaid Service (BIS)

By On January 8, 2010

Last November, SMART launched the first and only unlimited BlackBerry plans in the country. Finally, almost a month after SMART’s launch of the unlimited BlackBerry Prepaid Service (Prepaid BIS) Globe launched a similar… Read More

Personal Finance

5 Tools I Use To Track My Cash Flow

By On January 5, 2010

Since one of my goals for this year is to save money, I told myself that I should become “OC” when it comes to financial matters so I could track where my… Read More


My Goals for 2010!

By On January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! Last 2008, I started this “blog tradition” of writing a list of my goals for the year. However, I’ve become a “professional procrastinator” after that so even though I’ve… Read More

Postcard I received from Seattle, WA!

Snail Mail is <3

By On December 29, 2009

I love the Internet and I believe that e-mail is one of the great things that humans invented. We live in a fast-paced world and many things can happen in a click… Read More


Whipping out 5,000+ dishes in a single day possible with Kraft Eden Cheese

By On December 27, 2009

Last November 10, 2009, I blogged about Kraft Eden Cheese’s attempt to prepare 5,000 dishes out of cheese to beat the previous Guinness world record of 4,668 dishes set by India. And… Read More


The First and Only Unlimited BlackBerry Prepaid Plans in the country from SMART

By On November 28, 2009

I jumped into the BlackBerry bandwagon last October after months of contemplating, saving, wishing and hoping. Why I made the switch from the iPhone to the BlackBerry? I simply got tired of… Read More


The First National Thank You Day Awards

By On November 25, 2009

I’m not really a fan of chocolates. But, whenever my mom would bring home chocolates I couldn’t resist to take a bite. Besides, chocolate does wonders on one’s mood and or feelings.… Read More