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Signs in Korean (Photo by kristajo)

So you want to be a polyglot?

By On October 2, 2012

Last September 28, 2012, I delivered a free webinar for my Computers in Education (EDUC 190) class. In the webinar, I talked about how one can become a polyglot (for free!) just… Read More


I got a ‘Kalabaw’!

By On December 4, 2011

I got a ‘Kalabaw’ and I have the photos to prove it! (Leftmost Photo by Fritz Tentativa / Philippine Blog Awards) My podcast network, Brink Notes Podcast Network (BNCAST), was awarded as… Read More


Building a Podcast Studio

By On February 20, 2011

Hello there! Yes, I’m still alive. I love podcasting. I have been podcasting since 2005. Since then, I have already produced quite a lot (or a few) podcast shows. I currently run… Read More

Nominate EDUC Today Podcast at the Podcast Awards 2010

By On November 7, 2010

Dear Friends and Readers, I hope you can find time to nominate my podcast show, EDUC Today at this year’s Podcast Awards. The number of nominations each podcast gets is 40% of… Read More


First Semester’s over!

By On October 14, 2010

Yes! The first semester of academic year 2010-2011 has just ended for me. Hooraaay! To be honest, I’m still speechless right now. I can’t believe that my first semester as a “regular”… Read More

Cassette tapes ROCK! Photo by draggin of Flickr

Jeric’s Task for Monday: Digitize Cassette Tapes Because It’s Fun!

By On September 20, 2010

Monday is usually the start of the school and work week for a lot of people. Well, not for me. Monday is just an extension of my weekend. Yes, I don’t have… Read More


Jeric’s Confessions

By On September 5, 2010

Here’s a confession: Exactly five years ago, I skipped school to record the very first episode my very first podcast, “Jeric’s Confessions.” Seriously. The night before September 5, 2005, I was watching… Read More