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Behind the Scenes: Jeric Pena Reports

By On February 5, 2012

So I started a new blog. It’s called Jeric Pena Reports (JPR). (Aside: I chose to go by the name “Jeric Pena” because “ñ” doesn’t have any place in the digital world.) JPR… Read More


I got a ‘Kalabaw’!

By On December 4, 2011

I got a ‘Kalabaw’ and I have the photos to prove it! (Leftmost Photo by Fritz Tentativa / Philippine Blog Awards) My podcast network, Brink Notes Podcast Network (BNCAST), was awarded as… Read More


The Day that Hillary Clinton Answered My Question

By On November 19, 2011

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited the Philippines a few days ago to grace the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the US-Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty. In between the events regarding… Read More


Because Today’s Friday…

By On June 24, 2011

…and Manila is currently submerged in floodwaters because of the nonstop rains, I proudly present to you the most awesome cover/rendition of Rebecca Black’s sensational song “Friday,” a song that I sincerely… Read More


Building a Podcast Studio

By On February 20, 2011

Hello there! Yes, I’m still alive. I love podcasting. I have been podcasting since 2005. Since then, I have already produced quite a lot (or a few) podcast shows. I currently run… Read More

Checky check list!

Updates on “My Goals for 2010”

By On December 18, 2010

Last January 1, I have posted an entry on this blog with the title My Goals for 2010. I simply enumerated in that post, well, the things I want to accomplish for… Read More

2010 Philippine Blog Awards

My vote goes to ‘Life with Ria’

By On December 4, 2010

The Philippine Blog Awards is an annual event that aims to recognize Filipino-owned blogs that are notable in their respective niches. One of the awards given every year is the Bloggers’ Choice… Read More