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13 Things To Do in 2013

By On January 1, 2013

Hello, 2013! The new year has begun! And my vacation’s almost over. I think I’m not yet ready to go back to school yet. But one thing’s for sure, I am ready… Read More

Broadcast Design

Behind the Scenes: Jeric Pena Reports

By On February 5, 2012

So I started a new blog. It’s called Jeric Pena Reports (JPR). (Aside: I chose to go by the name “Jeric Pena” because “ñ” doesn’t have any place in the digital world.) JPR… Read More


My Goals for 2011

By On January 2, 2011

Happy New Year! I really think that 2010 was a great year. I’m glad that I was able to accomplish almost all of my goals for the past year. So now, let… Read More

Checky check list!

Updates on “My Goals for 2010”

By On December 18, 2010

Last January 1, I have posted an entry on this blog with the title My Goals for 2010. I simply enumerated in that post, well, the things I want to accomplish for… Read More

Personal Finance

5 Tools I Use To Track My Cash Flow

By On January 5, 2010

Since one of my goals for this year is to save money, I told myself that I should become “OC” when it comes to financial matters so I could track where my… Read More


My Goals for 2010!

By On January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! Last 2008, I started this “blog tradition” of writing a list of my goals for the year. However, I’ve become a “professional procrastinator” after that so even though I’ve… Read More


Brink Notes Entertainment Daily, et cetera

By On April 2, 2009

For the past few weeks, I’ve been busy working on my latest web project, Brink Notes Entertainment Daily. If you’ve heard about it already then GREAT if not, go ahead, and check… Read More