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Quick & Easy Korean Spicy Tofu Stew (Sundubu Jjigae) Recipe

By On January 22, 2014

Spicy Tofu Stew or Sundubu Jjigae is another Korean dish that I always order whenever I’m in a Korean restaurant. But ordering one can be very expensive. So I just decided to… Read More


Easy Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe

By On January 18, 2014

I love Korean food. And I always drag my family to Korean restaurants around the metro even though they don’t like spicy food. One of the things that we usually order is… Read More


Whipping out 5,000+ dishes in a single day possible with Kraft Eden Cheese

By On December 27, 2009

Last November 10, 2009, I blogged about Kraft Eden Cheese’s attempt to prepare 5,000 dishes out of cheese to beat the previous Guinness world record of 4,668 dishes set by India. And… Read More


The First National Thank You Day Awards

By On November 25, 2009

I’m not really a fan of chocolates. But, whenever my mom would bring home chocolates I couldn’t resist to take a bite. Besides, chocolate does wonders on one’s mood and or feelings.… Read More


The 7-Eleven Hotdog Sanwich and the Big Bite Match

By On November 18, 2009

If there’s one thing I usually buy from the nearby 7-Eleven that would be the 7-Eleven Hotdog Sandwich. As I’ve said on my previous post, I “binge-eat” a lot! There are times,… Read More


Make your Christmas cheesier with Kraft Eden Cheese

By On November 10, 2009

Cheese has been staple in Filipino homes since time immemorial being one of the oldest manufactured food. I am sure that you’ll agree with me that adding cheese to most dishes would… Read More


Enjoying coffee at home :)

By On January 23, 2009

*Play Smooth Jazz music here* Because I love coffee whether it’s an Americano or Latte (flavored or not), my mom bought me an espresso machine. With the Krups XP4020, I can now… Read More