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Listening to radio – too old fashioned?

By On July 13, 2008

Is listening to FM Radio too old-fashioned? I’m a fan of FM Radio during my younger years (10 to around 14 years old). I love listening to different FM Radio Stations –… Read More


My My… How can I resist you?

By On July 11, 2008

I don’t know when I first saw the trailer of Mamma Mia the Movie. Upon seeing that trailer, I was totally excited to see the film of the hit musical. I first… Read More

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UP @ 100

By On June 18, 2008

Today, June 18, 2008, officially marks the 100th Foundation Day of the University of the Philippines. A lot of activities were lined up today. One of them is the flag ceremony at… Read More

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Google is here!

By On December 21, 2007

I just launched this blog a few hours ago but I was surprised when I googled my name, “Jeric Peña” this site is on the 1st page of the results. Wheeeww! Google… Read More

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What is this place?

By On December 21, 2007

It’s called a BLOG! After, here comes! A soon to be launched personal blog of Jeric Peña that cover a lot of topics. Check out for more here at… Read More