Reliving the ‘90s

Being attached to your smart phone doesn’t have to mean forgetting the games you used to play.

Whatever happened to the good old days?

Remember when you were young and you came home from school to watch Ang TV and Starla and the Jewel Riders? Back then, it seemed like everyone from the neighbors to their dog would always be available for an afternoon out, running around the street and getting lost in a fantasy world, re-enacting scenes from your favorite cartoons.

Nowadays, kids still get lost in their own fantasy worlds, but what used to be social and interactive is now quickly becoming a solo activity. With the rapid rise of the internet and social media in the country, We Are Social’s studies show that 55% of Filipinos now play games online. The average Filipino now spends 21.5 hours online per week, and only 13.3 hours watching TV.

Of course, developers are quick to cash in on that trend too, integrating our old loves with new technology. Remember that game your grandma used to play, the one with the cards and the balls with numbers on them? Yes, bingo, the simple, straightforward game of your childhood, has also been improved. Bingogodz takes the classic bingo game and infuses it with gods that can enhance gameplay, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg

That board game that tore your family apart, Monopoly? You can play it on your Apple device now too. That’s right, no more mess and fuss with the board and playing cards, now you can buy out your friends’ properties through your iPhone.

Tic-Tac-Toe, crosswords, word finders, all of these have corresponding apps now. Even those of us who spent their childhoods helping their parents man a streetfood stand can take a trip down memory lane with Streetfood Tycoon. In the game, you earn coins by preparing food for customers, until you become a successful streetfood tycoon.

See, just because you’ve gotten on the mobile gaming bandwagon doesn’t mean you have to turn your back on the past. After all, just as everyone on 9gag and Buzzfeed will tell you, nothing will ever come close to the ‘90s!